Project Description




The A3V board used to control the descent valve and A3 through two different control of the actuating means.

1st operation: control after a certain number of races selected by the user. In this way we are using the inputs NR = 0 and G = 1 and every time press the button Fault Reset, the number of races is increased by 10 to 250.

Also with this function gets reset inputs races that brought the elevator and every time we press Fault Reset add 10 races.

If we had saved 100 races and we want to change them (for example) 50 races, we entrances NR =0 and G = 1 and press the button Fault Reset 5 repeat.

Races performing the lift measured on the board A3V through closed contact of safety and if enabled inputs UP or DWN and NR. When the races have made the elevator made the same as to the races we have stored is executed control valves A3 and K as follows.

Since the chamber is within the correction area, and only then, the output RLV activated after 3sec the RK output is activated for 30sec after which time the output RA3 actuated other 30sec, while the RK output disabled. In case, If motion is detected, that is activated during the correction is enabled or RK outputs RA3, then switch on the output ERR which cuts the stop of the operation of the lift table.

The output ERR turns off when the user presses the Fault Reset button for 1 sec. whenever, during the control valve. When pressed some commands or we doing service on the lift, it switches off the control valves and only continues when there is no call, the elevator will operate normally.

2nd operation: Control valves A3 and cathode within a specific period using an external real-time timer. In this case connect the contact of the timer to the control board input TMR A3V and bridges the jumper TMR.

The first mode of operation with races negated completely and control valve remains the same.

When installing the TMR contact is bridged after the installation. To be delivered in normal mode and switched control through A3 routes should be removed from JUMPER contact TMR.