Project Description

Hydraulic lift control panel with Soft starter


It can operate up to 16 stops in all sorts of operation (simple, automatic, going down, with one button, going up and down with 2 buttons simplex, duplex).
Selection from simple to automatic operation of our lift and reversely, through a parameter which is in our control adjustments.
Use of smooth SOFT STARTER.

Smooth start of the lift
Smooth stop of the lift
Power saving of the lift (suitable for areas with power network problems).

The security of entries and exits of the board with Tranzil materials of new technology makes it more resistant to short circuits.
Control cooperation with all sorts of doors (simple, bus door, automatic, rolls of doors etc.)
Potential cooperation with all sorts of asynchronous motors.
Cooperation with all sorts of brakes.
It has an illuminated LCD screen, where the operations and failures of the lift appear.
Long damage history, 99 failures which appear on our screen and reference to the floor where the malfunction occurred.
It has a security code for the prevention of unauthorised access.
The voltage of the pre-limit switches and safety circuit is 110vac for the prevention of voltage drop.
Circuit voltage of position and call indicators 12vdc Γ(+) with possibility of alteration in any voltage depending on the operation of the lift. E.g. General (-), -24 v etc.
Possibility to select the operation of the position indicator through the program from decimal to ABCD.
Possibility to select the adjustment of the parameters and the timers for the best adaptation of the implementation.

Some are suggestively mentioned:

Selection of 2 different operation modes of the selector
Possibility of separate stop of up-down direction through timer
Selection to pre-open the doors
Possibility to select low speed on the first and last floor through magnetic counting sensor or through pre-limit switch
Flashing call sign on the arrival of the car on the chosen floor
Possibility to supervise the power relay through feedback
Intelligent reaction to magnetic sensors faults, in case there is loss of beat, it is automatically corrected on the next floor.
The panel’s equipment comes from world wide houses of electronic suppliers, such as SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC (TELEMECANIQUE), FINDER, ENSTO, CHINT, FUJI, DELTA, YASKAWA, OMRON.
The dimensions of the panel are 700mm x 850 mm x 240 mm with 2 doors.
All electronic designs, as well as the panel’s installation and programming guide necessary to the preparation of the technical documentation of the lift, are included on delivery.
Our company has certified products fully complying with the law EN 81-2 and directive 95/16 EK from (ΤUV HELLAS). No 08736087/001