Project Description

Lift control panel: Rescue system


Voltage of Brake – Magnet : 110V DC και 48V DC

Power : 1.Έως 7,5 Kw 2.Έως 15 Κw

Safety Circuit : 110V AC

Battery : 4 rechargeable led batteries 12V 7,2Ah

Protection : From circuit breakers, hypertension, overcurrent and total failure of batteries operation

Indications : For all the major operations and also for the proper or improper operation of batteries

Type of movement : Continuous or discontinuous

Time of route : 2, 4, 7, 10 min

Speed of car movement in case of emergency : Possibility to select the frequency of the rescue device: 3Hz, 3,5Hz, 4 Hz, 5 Hz, 6 Hz, 8 Hz, 10 Hz, 12 Hz